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 TeleHost Partners is a full service firm  focused on Data Center, Co-Location, Managed Hosting, Connectivity and Cloud Management Services.  TeleHost Partners assists its customers with provider and site  selection, price negotiation and contract review. TeleHost Partners  works in parallel with both the customer and provider through the  implementation and bill review process, ensuring customer satisfaction  with the buying experience. 

 TeleHost  Partners' customers span a wide range of industries, including law  firms, web site providers, international technology firms, medical  industry companies and technology providers. Sales and revenues for the  company have grown exponentially since its launch in 2009.   

TeleHost  Partners represents the leaders in the data center space, including  Evoque (formerly AT&T), Cyxtera (formerly CenturyLink /Savvis), Cologix, CoreSight, Equinix, Flexential (formerly Peak 10/ViaWest), Rack Space, TierPoint  and many others. Additionally, TeleHost Partners represents all the major  telecommunications network providers, allowing TeleHost to better match  its customers' needs with the providers that offer the best value.  Services supported include Colocation, Managed Hosting, Cloud Management Services,  VPN, MPLS, Voice, VPLS, SD-WAN and UCaaS.   

TeleHost partners is led by Bill Shurtleff,  President and CEO. Mr. Shurtleff began his career in 1979 with AT&T.  The experience gained through a successful career in sales, manager and  director roles with AT&T, Sprint/Sprint eSolutions and Qwest (now  CenturyLink) Communications allows for a broad understanding of the various providers. Mr. Shurtleff is a member of the Association of  Continuity Professionals. He holds a Bachelors of Science (Finance Major)  degree from the University of Tennessee and a Masters of Business  Administration degree from Jacksonville University. 

Cloud Management Services


On-demand, Scalable Applications and Cloud-Computing Infrastructure 

Today's  successful business often expect their IT resources to help increase  profits by improving flexibility and decreasing time to market. But what  happens when IT systems can't meet the demands of a growing company's  need to scale? Upgrading of adding technology often isn't an option as  IT budgets are stretched to the limit. More and more IT leaders are  turning to outsourced, cloud computing services to fulfill their growing  technology needs - and do more with less. Storage and disaster recovery  needs are areas where the cloud excels.  

Cloud computing is the natural evolution of network-based IT services,  offering IP-based access to servers, data storage, networks and  application resources. Cloud computing is a dynamic solution that can  offer your business the technology support it needs to expand and  succeed with:  

• Faster time to market - the time and money you save on technology build-out can be reinvested in your core company offerings.  

• An on-demand model based on expense not capital, so you can pay only for what you use.   

• Increased flexibility and ability to scale so you can add or eliminate capacity as needed.  

• On-demand business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR).  

How TeleHost Partners Can Help  

There are many cloud computing companies in the market today, from small and medium providers, to the giants of the industry such as AWS, MicroSoft Azure, Oracle and IBM. Management of these services can be a daunting task, often requiring knowledge and expertise not resident in your company. TeleHost Partners can assist you  with connecting with companies that specialize in management of cloud services and providers. Engaging a cloud management company relieves you and your staff from the burden of monitoring and managing these environments as well as preventing loss of knowledge due to staff turnover. These companies  understand the complexities of cloud-based services  and can aligning your corporate needs with the right service from the right  provider. TeleHost Partners can ensure that you make an informed  business decision. 


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